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Thursday, November 30, 2017

The standard of beauty for years have been clouded by white-women and beauty pageants were there to reinforce it on and on again. However this changed when one of our very own Halima Aden, a Somali-American became the first one in history to wear a hijab on stage. The significance of her representation lit a fire not only in MN but worldwide. Now, from 1 hijabi in 2016 we were blessed with 7 beautiful hijabi women on stage this year. And I was honored to make a custom made dress for Ahlam Yusuf, who was the last hijabi standing and ranked 2nd place on the TOP 15!!! I am extremely proud of all of these young women because now young girls will no longer see the standard of beauty as blonde hair and blue eyes. Now, young girls will see beauty in themselves.

Okay! Now what most of you actually came to this site for...Let's get to the jaw-dropping dress!

I want to begin by saying this isn't a tutorial rather an overview of my process (if you have specific questions feel free to DM me).

  • Fabric - This was all the client's doing and I couldn't be more ecstatic of her choice. It was the most stunning fabric I've ever laid eyes on. It literally shined, twinkled, beamed, sparkled, you name it...this fabric did that. 
  • Design - The silhouette was a tamed mermaid dress. I say tamed because the bottom is not too dramatic. The reason we went with this is because we wanted to focus more on the overall dress seeing that the fabric was so bold.
  • Sewing - This dress definitely deserved a significant amount of time because of the style and delicacy of the fabric. Underneath was a white lining which really brought out the details of the outer fabric.

I had such a fun time designing  and sewing this dress for Ahlam! She's a sweetheart and it was wonderful to work with her.

Want your own CUSTOM MADE DRESS?
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Check out more photos of her wearing it on her instagram: @Ahglam_


Photo credit: @Ahglam_

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