White Cape Dress [A 2 in 1]

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I hope everyone ended their semester on good terms. Even though I'm officially done with undergrad, it doesn't feel like it. But how is it suppose to feel like? Idk. I will do a post on how I made my actual graduation ceremony outfit later on. This post is about a white cape dress I made for my senior photos that I took with a group of friends. Believe it or not, I made this dress the night before the photoshoot! I guess I just like working under pressure.

How to make it?
This dress is actually pretty simple and very versatile!
- As always begin with the base, in this case is a simple maxi (if you choose) long sleeve dress. I added a turtle neck because thats the style I was going for, but you can pick.
- Then, its time to make the cape. I'm sure there are countless ways to accomplish this but for me I measured how long I wanted the front of the cape to fall (~ 20 inches). Then did the same for the back, which was about 10-15 inches longer than the front measurement.
- This step is optional which is connecting the cape to the dress (by sewing). I opted out of this step because I wanted to wear it separately as well (photo shown below).

Style #1: Cape

Style #2: Simple Maxi with a hint Pastel

I am so thankful for the amazing friends that made college that much more bearable!

Photo credits: IG @bakarelmi

Instagram: @hamdikeynan
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1 comment on "White Cape Dress [A 2 in 1]"
  1. This is amazing. All of them with the same white dress cde look beautiful and seems like angels are on the earth. Wish a happy career ahead.


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