"Veni, Vidi, Vici!"

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

"I came, I saw, I conquered!"

It's only been a few weeks since I graduated, but tbh it feels like a century ago. After 4 years of ups and downs I finally walked the stage and got my degree. I came into college as a pretty naive person with very little real life experience. College allowed me to view the world with a whole new perspective...one that was way more mature and understanding. My first year of undergrad was like any other freshman year experience (minus the party life). I pushed myself out of my comfort zone which I would recommend everyone to do because this allowed me to grow as an individual. I began joining student groups and put myself in situations that were uncomfortable but healthy (if that makes any sense). Through undergrad, I had instances were I did not do as well as I hoped in an exam or class like many many people experience. This setback did not deter me from pursing my major or future career rather it made me that much more invested in my education. Overall, college is a time for you to flourish as a person and a time to discover more about who you are or want to become.

Okay now to the real stuff...now that I graduated the most dreadful question I keep getting asked is "So, whats next?" Lmao. I'll be completely honest here I majored in Psychology, which was amazing! But lets be real, the job prospect is very low. Like... nonexistent. But I was fully aware of that going into psychology and that did not bother me because I always knew I wanted to further my education. 

For my graduation ceremony I wore a box-pleated skirt with pockets, check out my previous post on how to make it. I fell in love with this fabric like seriously! Look at how gorgeous the colors are... i'm obsessed! I paired the skirt with a simple black long sleeve shirt I bought and a gold chiffon scarf. It was a simple outfit to put together but I think the skirt really made it pop. 

Ramadan Kareem 

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