Box Pleated Skirt with POCKETS!

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Friday, April 07, 2017

Helloooo! Ya'll it's been way too long about 4 months tbh but who's counting right?! I've been on a hiatus for the past few months so I could study for a shitty exam that I am officially done with (alhamdulillah). Now, that exam is out of the way, I can focus on doing more fashion things. This post is based on a skirt I made for a friend for a cultural event.

The fabric is actually from Tanzania and is so gorgeous with multiple bold colors that make the pattern pop. In designing this skirt, I used box-pleats which were about 4-inches wide and I also added POCKETS! I have yet to understand why people don't add functional pockets to women clothing, like really? Do we not need places to hold our phones, lipstick, wallet?! Okay I digress.

Time: 4-5 Hours
Level: Intermediate 

- 3 Yards of Chosen Fabric
- 2.5 Yards of Lining 
9-in Zipper
Thread & Scissors
Measuring Tape
Sewing Machine

1. Lay down Your Measurements:
  • In making box-pleated skirts, it's important to calculate the measurements you need ahead of time before cutting into your precious fabric. Don't worry the math here is not extensive, trust me... math is not my favorite subject. 
    • (waist inches)x2 + (half of your waist inches) = Length of fabric for pleats
2. Making the Box-Pleats:
  • As I say in a lot of my posts... it's all about trial and error my friends. To be honest I watched random Youtube videos to make box-pleats until I got the hang of it. A brief overview would be to fold 2-inches in on one side and 2-inches in towards the other fold. Then this will look like a 4-inch pleat on the front. 
    • Does this make sense? I know it probably doesn't if you're new at this, that is why I highly recommend looking for videos because visualizing it will definitely help. (Best of luck on this one!) 
3.) Sew (of course)
  • One big tip I would give is to sew your box-pleats down as soon as you got the right amount and measured it according to the waist. This is important because it will prevent the pleats from moving out of place during the process of adding the waistband, lining, etc.
4.) Lining and Pockets
  • Depending on the type of fabric you have you may or maynot need lining for your skirt. A lining is basically cheap lightweight fabric that makes your garment more opaque. So it's pretty much up to you on this one.
  • Pockets! I made a post a while back on the details on this, so please check that out for a step-by-step tutorial on it. 
5.) Add Waistband & Finish it up
  • I choose to make a 3-inch waistband meaning you have to cut a 6-inch wide fabric with the same length as the waist. Then you fold it up and sew and sew. 
  • Hem as always & your done!
Let me know if you have any questions!

Instagram: hamdikeynan

6 comments on "Box Pleated Skirt with POCKETS!"
  1. The print you have used to stitch your box pleat skirt is so pretty and would work best in winters. The tutorial is great too.

  2. I really appreciate your post. Thanks for sharing such an useful information.


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