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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Like I said in my previous post 2016 was something else but it gave me the opportunity to grow as an individual and learn from my set backs. Looking back I realized I had 16 posts in 2016 which for me is kinda of a lot considering how hectic the year came to be. In 2017 I hope to do more consistent posts (I know I say that every year... but seriously lol). I also want to do more posts on life more particularly my college experience seeing that I will be done in a semester and I will be applying to graduate schools in the summer... so I will take you along with me on my journey. That being said, now you know fashion will always be the core of this blog so I will definitely continue to incorporate that more often as well.

Nonetheless, here are my top 8 posts of 2016. Click on the link to read more about it.

Most Popular Post: A Classic Grad Dress
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Thank you for another wonderful year and as always let me know what you think.
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1.  A Classic Grad Dress
  • Last spring I had the opportunity to work with some clients on helping them look great on their graduation day. This dress is very clean cut and professional but still has elegant feel to it. 
  • As you can see I posted this last year in January which is funny because here in MN it's freezing as hell outside but if you are like me and like to plan's never too early to get ready for the summer.
3. White Open Abaya
  • I think I teared up when I gave this to my client because of how much I loved this abaya, even though I ended up making one for myself in the long run... this one has a place in my heart. 
  • This is a very simple diy that is perfect for beginners and it looks great. I think the best part about this style is that you can use a wool or heavy weight fabric and bam it's a winter vest. 
  • Last year was definitely the year of cape dresses, tops, coats, and just about anything else. After Solange's gorgeous white wedding cape dress the market went flying and saturated us with everything cape. This dress was moderately difficult I'd say to make but not impossible. I think the tricky part is sewing on the cape but to be honest, if I was to do it again I probably do a detached cape because then you could wear the dress for other occasions as well. 
6. Afro-print Crop Tops
  • Yas. Yas. and Yas is all I can say. This was a great project that I took part on and the women slayed the tops to the fullest.  
  • I am so glad that I did this fashion show last April. I really challenged myself to incorporate both Somali and American culture in most of my pieces because I wanted to show that fashion can tell a story and being from both cultures I wanted to share that. 
  • This was a show back in November where I did something kinda different for each piece than my usual and I think it turned out pretty good. I loved all of the pieces that I designed but I think my favorite was the bronzed turtle neck dress with the front slit. This dress is not leaving my closet anytime soon but I will bring this bad boy out when the time comes (lol). Also the mermaid gold dress was stunning if I may say and my models all slayed. 
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