French Blue Dress with Side Gather

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy Sunday! Its week two-ish of consistently doing blog posts (whoa whoa!) -- so lets all hope I can continue it (I'A). One thing that is not fashion-related but life-related is that I recently quit one of my three jobs. I was contemplating for a few months on whether or not letting go of that specific job would negatively affect my future. After literally writing down the pros and cons of quitting, I ultimately came to the conclusion that my mental sanity is far more important than having another line on my resume (even tho I worked there for more than the 'resume' mark). Through this experience I learned that we all have limits on how far we stretch ourselves and in my case I definitely stretched myself too far this time. So note to self its okay to say no to opportunities even if it seems really good.

That being said here is a quick overview of how I made this dress with a side gather. I made this for a client and was pretty content with the outcome. This dress is very classy and elegant which was exactly what she was looking for.

Time: 4 hours
Level: Moderate

1.  Materials: 
- 2 Yards of light weight of your choice (with stretch)
- 2 Yards of nude color lining (with stretch)
- Sewing Machine & Essentials
- Brooch (optional)

2. Layering:
- The reason I love this design is because of how well the nude lining and sparkle blue overlay compliment each other. I feel like it gives off a calming sensation and just looking at is relaxing.
- Attaching the lining and overlay fabric is the same way you would any other garment however you need to measure extra overlay material so you can create the gathers next.

3. Side-gather:
- Alright now lets get to the fun part! When I'm sewing there always one part I look forward to because it brings the fabric to life.
- To be honest it took me some time to create gathers that I was pleased with. So the only advise that I can really give is to play around with diagonal folds from the one shoulder to the lateral side of the waistline. Also in the future I would make the gathers lower, mine ending up a bit too high up closer to the bust than I anticipated. But I just had to roll with the flow.
- Nonetheless, when your happy with the gathers -- PIN them DOWN (lol) because they will move around and you will lose me or else it can it complicated. Once you pin them down you can sew 'em up and your good to go.

4. Hem Hem:
- A sewer's final touch is always a good 'ol hem. Sewing for a few years now I can tell that hemming the ends of your garment really makes all the difference.

I hope this was helpful! As always let me know if you have any questions below.

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