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Monday, November 14, 2016
Hmm... its been quite sometime since I just sat and wrote my thoughts down (& I am procrastinating from studying.) A lot has happened these past few months from life events, work stress, and pretty much everything in between. Right now as I am writing this post I kind of feel lost, which for me is out of the ordinary. I am very type-A planner in hand kind of gal and not knowing what to do after college graduation scares the living daylights out of me. I have thought of countless things from doing a masters, travel, teaching, working, etc. But I fear that if I choose one thing I might regret not doing the other 5-10 things I could of done. The fear of oblivion is so vivid at the moment. Not knowing whats to come if I may say, is down right anxiety provoking.

I am just blabbering about what has been on my mind lately. I felt like I had to write it out and get it out of my mind. There this feeling of relief when I get things off my chest/mind. Now that I am getting closer to the end and I need to know what the hell I am suppose to do with my life... I feel like I have to choose one thing that I have to do forever. Then I ask myself will I really be satisfied with doing one job my whole life? or Does satisfaction not even play a part in the workforce?

As these questions linger in my mind I think about my two passions: medicine and fashion design. When I speak with people they are often surprised at how I am pursing medicine and still wanting to do fashion. But the question is 'why not?'. What is stopping us from striving for our highest goals? It doesn't always have to be one thing we aspire to do, it can be many things...even if they are polar opposites. I hope I can continue to purse my two passions to the fullest. As I get closer to the end of my college career, I will soon begin a new chapter on discovering more about my passions as well as myself.

- Life Thoughts
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