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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Seeing people graduate these past few weeks has gotten me thinking about when I will be done with college! So far its been 3 years into the game and hopefully I will be done next spring. I am excited to be able to finally close one chapter and begin a new one. This past week has also been quite hectic for me, I had to balance final exams with designing graduation dresses. As fun as it was, it definitely took long nights and early mornings to make sure everything was near perfect.
People often ask me, why I am in college? and not fully pursuing fashion. To be honest, I had to ponder on that question for sometime. If you know me, you would say I am an optimist, that being said I do not believe in having to choose to do one thing. I think it's important to pursue your passion(s), even if it is more than one thing. Or in my case, if they are polar opposites. 

For this post, I want to show you all one of my favorite designs for graduation. I like to describe it as the classic grad dress because it's perfectly tailored with clean seams, but still cheerful. 

Here is my process:
- 2.5 yards (polyester twill)
- 22'' Zipper 
- Measuring tape & Fabric Pins
- Matching Thread & Scissors
- Sewing Machine 

  • In making this for my client, I always start with the measurements. This isn't the fun part, but it is extremely important. I remember when I started sewing, there were times when my measurements were off a bit, and it made a huge difference. So, please take the time to measure accurately. 
  • This design has two princess seams on the bodice. Here is a great post on how to create this elegant staple. 

  • This dress has four main pieces: bodice (front and back), waistband, skirt, and sleeves. 
    Back of Bodice (adding Zipper)
    Waistband (1.5 inches folded)

  • I think the most important advice I would give when making this is to line up your seams with the other pieces, so it looks more professional.  
    Lining up the seams
I hope this was helpful! Let me know what you think and comment below!
Questions or want a custom design? hamdikeynan@gmail.com
Find me on FB: Hamdi Keynan - Designs

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