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Saturday, February 27, 2016

I've been all over the place lately. It's like I blinked once and everything started piling life is very time-consuming. But thankfully it's getting warmer outside so that gives me some more motivation to do things. For this post, I will describe my process in making this tube skirt. This is really in style right now, if you go to any clothing shop...there is a good chance you will see a tube skirt. I for one, am a little obsessed with these skirts because they're so easy to dress up or causally wear it with a sweater.

Like a lot of things in sewing, there are many ways you can make a tube skirt, so this style is how I wanted my skirt to look. So just keep in mind that you can change things up as you go.

Let's get to it:

Time: 1-1.5 hrs
Level: Beginner 

 - 1.5 yards of Jersey Knit Fabric
- 9 inch Zipper (optional)
- Measuring Tape & Fabric Pins
- Thread & Scissors
- Sewing Machine

  •  Like everything in sewing, measuring is by far the most important step. So before you cut or do anything for that matter, measure your waist, hips, and how long you want the skirt to fall. 
  • Great. Now that you've done that, you have a couple of choices to make: either make a pattern or use a skirt that you already have as a template (adding seam allowance). For my skirt, I made a pattern using some regular paper. I did this by transferring my measurements onto the paper and then cutting it. This makes life a lot easier because you can reuse that pattern with other projects.
  • Now depending on what path you took, it's time to cut your fabric. If you are a beginner - a huge tip I would give you is to use fabric pins. This really helps holding the fabric pieces together while your cutting. (Trust me this is a lifesaver!)
  • Alright now you can finally sew the pieces together, wrong sides together.
  • After you sew the sides together, you can be finish by hemming the ends. Or if you want to add a waistband and zipper, which are optional --- follow the steps below.

Optional Steps: Waistband + Zipper 
  • I'm guessing you decided to go add waistband and zipper! It may seem intimidating at first, but don't let a lil' challenge discourage you from gaining a new skill.
  • To add the waistband, measure your waist and add a couple of inches and that will be the length of the band. The width depends on how thick you want the band to be --- I like mine to be ~2in, so my width was 4inch (because you fold it down).                                                                                          
  • Adding the Zipper, you do this as you would for any other garment. First, cut straight down on the middle of the skirt (lengthwise). 
  • Then sew your zipper in from the top, but before doing that you need to sew up the bottom -- but only up to the bottom of the zipper. I know this may sound foreign, but with practice and countless trials and errors, you will get the hang of it.                                                                                                    
  • To finish things up, hem the bottom as you would. (photo below)  
  • Congrats! You've done it again. Enjoy your new design or even make on for a friend! 

I hope this was helpful! As always let me know how it goes and if you have any questions!

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