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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

It's always funny to see how surprised we get when we see snow for the first time, like we never seen snow before....its Minnesota. Today marks the first of December, it's crazy how fast time flies! This month is usually the busiest for me, because its when the Fall semester comes to a halt. In other words its finals.. ohh finals. Lets pray for one other for these next few weeks filled with endless exams, all nighters, and a whole lot of cramming (not the healthiest, but it gets the job done).

Now to what you've actually came here to read about: Sweater Dress

Time: about 4 hours (on & off)
Level: Intermediate 

- 2 yards of Thick Wool Fabric
- Thread & Scissors
- Measuring Tape 
- Sewing Machine
- Seam Ripper (we all make mistakes.)

This sweater dress was made for a client. She was looking for something that would work well with the cold weather and look put together at the same time. I thought about how I could execute this and I came up with this design. The base of the dress is similar to any midi or semi-fitted straight dress, but with a bit more space. For the front of the dress, I added 4 darts. Two under the bust (horizontal) and another two below the bust that lied vertically downwards to the waist line.
Before I go on further, let me just say I freaking love darts! Seriously, they come in clutch when you need to add structure to your dress or anything for that matter. In my opinion, darts make everything look clean and professional. Similarly, for the back of the dress I added one large (~2 inch wide) dart.

To account for the sweater part of the dress I added a turtle neck. I did this the same way I've done previously... check out this post. Also, my client plans to wear long boots with this dress, in order to make that possible, I made slits on each side of the dress (~17 inches) and then hemmed around the slits. 

This was brief overview of my process for this project! If you have any questions let me know :) 
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