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Sunday, October 11, 2015

I hope you all are enjoying the warm weather. Depending where you are... here in MN fall has been very kind to us, but we all know how long that will last. I just finished up my first rush of exams and it feels relaxing that I'm one-fourth of the way done with this semester. Though, in a few weeks another flood of exams will come my way. But for now, I can breathe and unwind. Recently I've been anxious to get back on my sewing machine and create something for my fall wardrobe. Maxi cardigans are very in fashion lately and they are everywhere! But they can be a bit pricey sometimes and that does not make my college budget very happy. So, I was like why not make it myself?! It was very effortless and inexpensive to make and it is so versatile to wear. This DIY I will show you how you can easily make your own maxi cardigan with POCKETS in very little time!

Lets go:

Time: ~ 1.5 hours
Level: Beginner - Moderate

- Fabric - 2 yards Jersey Knit
- Matching Thread
- Scissors & Measuring tape
- Fabric pins
- Sewing Machine 
 - Seam Ripper (Optional) 

  1. A good way to start any project is to create a rough sketch of the garment you want to make. After you have a good idea of the design, lay your fabric folded with the right sides facing each other. Similar to my previous diy's I always like to use my old clothes as a pattern. I used a similar cardigan to trace and then I added seam allowance and changed the length to how I wanted my new garment to look.
  2. To make the front two panels. I used a trick by grabbing ONLY one layer of the new cut pieces and folded it in half. Then I took my old cardigan and traced one of the front panels. I added some seam allowance. Then pin the pieces together and that is pretty much all you need to do. 
  3. SEW TIME! When sewing jersey knit, an advice I wish someone shared with me when I was learning how to sew; was to make sure you carefully stretch/pull on the fabric while you are sewing. This is a crucial point because it can affect how your sewing lines turn out. 
  4. After you sewed the two sides together. Now, its time to set aside the main part and make the sleeves. Using knits to make sleeves you have a lot more room for error. By that I mean since it is stretchy your measurements don't have to be perfect, though it would be nice. Look at my previous post on how I made the sleeves for my Fall Coatigan and the steps should be the same. 
  5. Once you attached the sleeves, we can get to the fun part. Pockets! Who doesn't love pockets? Every girl dreams of having pockets on all of her clothes, its so useful and stylish. For my maxi cardigan I wanted to make box pockets, so it could add some structure to the garment. It is really simple to make and add. Depending on the size you want the measurements may vary. I wanted my pockets to fit my essentials like: my phone, key, and of course my lipstick. I cut two rectangles 6.5(length) x 5.5(width). Sewing it on can be a bit tricky because you have to sew it on top of the cardigan and while you are sewing it on you must fold a half-inch inside to make a clean look. Sew down the three sides and leave the top opening. And there you go you have pockets!
  6. Hems and All. Since, we are using a fabric that does not fray hemming is optional. I wanted to just hem the bottom just so it looked more professional and it also added some structure to the cardigan.
No more breaking your budget to make a simple everyday maxi cardigan! I hope this diy tutorial helpful. 

Please feel free to ask me any questions/comments: hamdikeynan@gmail.com

 Outfit Details: Black dress (forever 21), Maxi Cardigan (original design), Booties (Charlotte Russe), Neck Scarf (H&M) 

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